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Hotel Restaurant Uniforms

Hotel Restaurant Uniforms

Hospitality industry is an industry which has maximum client interaction. So the uniform plays a vital part in keeping the service level high. An up to date with clean hotel uniform employee leaves a long lasting impression on your customer. In this fast pacing era, hospitality staff are expected to be perfectly groomed and portray the suitable Hotel Restaurant Uniform.

At Wang uniforms, we assist you in setting up your hotel uniforms with most appropriate fashion. Our designer team has the professionalism to create restaurant uniforms which shows friendliness and warmth to the customers. Wang uniforms provide hotel staff uniforms with customized approach to fulfill you specific needs and branding.

There is different type of uniforms which hotel staff wears according to their specific roles and responsibilities. The front desk staffs which are the welcome face of the hotel have to leave a positive and long lasting impression. So their uniform must be smart, welcoming and with pleasant look. Their uniforms can include Classic suits, blazers with bright colors and your hotel logo.

For waiting staff, formal wear will be a good option with required accessories. These are the people who look after customer needs and their order demands. Their hotel uniform may include pleated pants or skirts with white shirt which gives them an elegant look.

Chef is one of the most important people in hotel industry. Gone are the days when chef only stuck in the kitchen and rarely converse with the customer. Now with the latest trends, chefs used to interact with their client and even prepare dishes in open kitchen as well. Wang uniforms supplies very stylish chef jackets with smart pants, chef coats and chef hats.

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